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About Graphic Line Machinery - Established 1987

10,000 printing units sold. Thousands of other graphic machines sold all over the world. Below is our protocol.


We source, buy for stock, the best printing and ancillary equipment available in the world


We have the engineering resource to work on any form or printing machine, be it a factory move, repairs or loading onto transport or containers


We can deliver and install to customers premises. The machine would be test printed to the manufacturers standards, Load into container for deep sea travel, Load onto trucks for intercontinental travel.


All of our machines are warranted to be in good working order. If in the case of UK installation an insurance backed warranty can be offered and tailored to the customers specification.


We have long standing relationships with many reputable finance houses within the UK, and can arrange for representatives from these companies to contact you for a comparison of the various options, and respective benefits.


All machines quoted are subject to remaining unsold, and if not held in stock, to confirmation of specifications with the original supplier. Prices quoted are given in good faith, valid for a period of seven days, exclusive of V.A.T., and are subject to international exchange rate fluctuations where applicable. Payments for machines can be made by TT or Letter of Credit whatever is the customers preference.


We have developed an extensive 200-point check-list of standard items which are thoroughly inspected and tested for any wear which would be detrimental to the running of the machine.

In essence, after the machine has been cleaned and repainted, we check through the component parts of the feeder, each printing unit (including dampening, inking, cylinders and grippers), perfecting unit (if applicable), transfer cylinders, any coating units and dryers, the delivery, all motors and compressors, and finally all of the tools, manuals, feeder boards and delivery trolleys that the machine is equipped with.

Any parts of a sub-standard condition, worn, damaged, or broken, which are detrimental to the machine’s capability of producing a commercially acceptable product (with a view to the manufacturer’s original specifications) are either repaired or completely replaced.

Part exchange

With regards to any machinery you may be looking to part exchange against the purchase of a new machine, the offers that we give are independent from the supply of any other machinery - that is, our prices for your machines are firm and will not fluctuate whether you intend to part exchange your machines, or just wish to dispose of them as a straight sale.