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Heidelberg Stahl Proline Folder

Stahl Ti52-4

52cm folder
  • Year c.:
  • Format:
    52 cm
  • Mileage:
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Status:
    Sold to UK Printer
  • Last Updated:
    Thursday 23 January 2014
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Equipped With:

  • Flat-pile feeder with Tremat
  • Ti 52.4 first station, four buckle plates
  • SAK 56 stream delivery (Ti52/55 only) DCT500
  • External control units
  • Channel score device (Ti40 - Ti/Ki55)
  • Strip trim device after parallel fold for Ti36
  • Coupling module TF-TD-TF
  • Additional set of slitter shafts TH/KH 82 buckle station

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